Ripple Training Callouts Review

Callouts from Ripple Training is a plugin for FCP X which can be downloaded for $49 through the FXFactory platform.

In my opinion, Callouts is one of those plugins that has the potential to give slightly cheesy results if you just start with the default settings (but that might just be because I’m not a fan of bold reds in my graphics). However, with some customization, you have a lot of power at your fingertips.


To start, you simply go to Titles Browser in FCP X and pick one of the twelve callouts. Drag it on top of your desired clip or type “Q” to bring it in as a connected clip. Here’s where the fun starts – there are a ton of options in each of the title’s settings and you can go hog-wild with customization. Some of my favorite callouts were the “Magnifying”, “Checklist”, and “Encircle.” Why? Because I’ve had to make ALL of those by hand before. None of them were particularly hard to do, but they took a bit of time to get just right.

Let’s take one of the new callouts from the 1.2 update for example. “Glossy Shapes” is really cool and the incredible amount of detail in just this callout is phenomenal. Because of the awesome new rigging features in Motion 5, you have one callout that can support as many different styles as you want! Gone are the days of having fifteen different versions of essentially the same template just so you can have a different shape or look. “Glossy Shapes” incorporates fifteen shapes all in the same instance. These shapes look really great on their own but you have the option to change the gradient, size, extrusion, drop shadow, and even the properties of the gloss! There are also two great checkboxes that give you the option to animate in and out and those are definitely welcome features. See the photo for the shear number of parameters in this callout.


“Checklist” has a ton of published parameters from Motion and you have the option of adding up to five checklist items, changing the properties of the text, choosing either a checkmark or an “x” for the symbol; adjusting the opacity, roundness, fill color, and outline color of the box that the symbol rests on top of! If you want more than five items you just add another instance of the checklist.

The “Animate Text” is another really good one which again, showcases Motions rigging capabilities. This is one callout that gives you the option to animate in by letter, word, or line. On top of that, you have checkboxes for both animating in AND out to add blur, scale, fade, slide, and rotate parameters.

I’m not going to go into any more detail about the individual callouts, but as a whole they each have intuitive on screen controls which is something I love about FCP X. They can all be highly customized to get the specific look you want, and the detail and attention that went into creating this set of titles did not go unnoticed. For those of you who are familiar with Mark Spencer, you know that he does great work and his stuff is terrific and this is no exception. If you want real in-depth training on how to use callouts, I will defer you to Ripple Training’s website (

For $49 this plugin is definitely a gotta have considering how much time it can save you. Hell, I spent ten minutes once drawing and re-drawing the “perfect” encircle with my Wacom tablet and Callouts has one that’s already done for me! I do wish this were available for After Effects, but given that it’s coming from the Motion Master, Mark Spencer, I wouldn’t expect it to be. This really showcases the power of the Motion 5/FCP X team and I definitely see myself bouncing away from AE for a while so I can use Callouts.